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Electric Gate Safety

Electric Gate Safety

An automatic electric gate will provide you and your family a convenient and secure option to access your home. However the very nature of the automatic motor poses a small but real risk to users.

This risk becomes particularly acute when children or pets are likely to play near the gates. Countryside Automation specialise in taking every step possible to ensure that these worries are relieved and your gate is as safe as possible.

CAME gate electronics feature industry leading force restriction systems for maximum gate safety. This means should the gate come into contact with an obstacle, it will stop and reverse. This feature was developed to meet the UK safety laws attributed to automated gates.

Magic eye style safety sensors are installed to protect the space around the gate. Should something break the beam, the gate will not operate. You will be sure the open gates will never start to close on to your car.

Where additional gate safety is required we recommend sensitive edges. These soft profile edges will reverse a gate upon contact with an object and their malleable form will ensure that even the most fragile of obstructions is unharmed.

After we have installed your gate, Countryside Automation will fully test the system to ensure it meets the legislation. We will leave you with all the necessary documentation confirming that your gate is safe in the form of a handy end user manual, that you can pass on to new owners if you ever decide to sell your house.

Electric gate safety

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